Born in 1959 – Fine Artist / Educator – FLORIDA, USA


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Arrachme is an internationally recognized fine contemporary abstract artist with paintings in museums worldwide. Her art is currently and consistently curated into exhibitions with humanitarian, environmental, and social impact themes. She is accomplished in the mastery of unlocking simplification sequences to create a visual balance between genres. She uses the world around her to influence her choices.

Her art is unique as her traditional visual arts education history. The harmonics of Arrachme, an ancient Sanskrit name, the speaker to a joyful peaceful place. This, too, is the core of the art she creates.

My paintings do not just reflect emotion but express a solid foundation of the catalysts that can affect these changes.  The mission is to gently bring forth a question about who we are if we choose to compliment all life. It stems from knowing every choice sets a series of reactions that alter reality. It is my belief that one can seed perceived reality with a visual language.



Born in 1974 – Art Teacher – SWITZERLAND



Emelie Klein grew up in and near Vancouver, Canada, alternating between living in the city and a remote cabin. Her life in a mountainous setting was the foundation for her artistic skills–an environment that facilitated creativity and attention to detail. 

To continue in her own world of art, she naturally led an artistic education and completed her degree at the University of Victoria in Canada. She pursued her own artistic projects and facilitated international art exchanges among youth. 

Her travels throughout North America, Europe, Thailand and Australia have given her various perspectives into international art and culture. She finally put roots in Switzerland, where the mountains and European culture inspired her. Wildlife and nature are her main influences in her recent works. 

Emelie is motivated to continue encouraging and facilitating an international art dialogue among artists and youth from various countries and cultures.


The mountain is the place that drew me, a place of solace. The only place seemingly unaffected by the ongoing health crisis.



Born in 1965 – Artist/Gallerist – ARIZONA, USA



Joy Dela Cruz, a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising and then studied Psychology in Arizona. She was lured into the animation industry for years and worked with famous directors and applied her skills to numerous well-known production companies such as Disney, Fox Animation Studios, Universal Studios and Warner Brothers. She displayed her paintings in numerous galleries in Arizona. In 2000,  she finally opened her own; JoyArt Gallery, with her uniquely luminous style paintings.

Patience and faith are the 2 vital virtues in all her creations. You can feel her passion for every brushstroke and mixture of color she rendered into her art.

My art is a total expression of my inner self, spiritual freedom and a source of healing. The reason for my humble journey as an artist leads me to God, uplifting my soul and hoping to uplift others.

Laetitia Monnier_ACCES RENNES


Born in 1997 – Graphic Designer/Illustrator – FRANCE

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Laëtitia Monnier, graphic designer and illustrator from France. She went to a video game school where she learned about programming and game design. She does mostly digital drawings due to her work and background. A self-taught artist in terms of watercolor, acrylic and other more basic and classic support in painting but focussing on improving her skills. 

Laëtitia loves to play with colors and experiment textures and effects. She moves her style from her surrealist landscapes, Beksinski, William Turner and Stephen King’s novels to more matured, lighter mood and colorful artworks.

From our “20×20” as her first International Art Exhibition, Luminate (her artist name) has a bright light ahead.

I was painting melancholia and sadness. They are beautiful emotions that we can’t ignore and we should embrace them. Happiness can only be appreciated once we experience sadness.”  

Margo Calderero Le Lain


Born in 1965 – Artist/Curator – FRANCE


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Margo Calderero-Le Lain was born and raised in the Philippines. Talented in various forms of art, she has developed an amazing expertise in diverse works: painting, jewelry, fashion design, sculpture and culinary art.

French culture and traditions have authenticated her individuality when she moved to France in 1994.

Her travels and experiences characterizes her style without forgetting her origin. Margo lets her artwork narrate its own tale via her senses: the sensations of the atmosphere, the exotic scents, tantalizing tastes, the assortment of colours and the unique vibrations that linger on her skin.

All of these reflections are quite enticing and invite spectators of her art to travel through her creations.

For Margo “Art is not an Art if you do not do and share it with your heART”.

I allow my emotions to lead me…  let my energy take its course. I combine different media and materials… whatever is necessary to achieve the vision of my art. I allow myself to get lost looking for perfection, and in the end stumble upon the perfect imperfection.”  



Born in 1964 – Travel Designer – NETHERLANDS



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Mica Kerkdijk graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts but after graduation she traveled to Europe and switched over to the exciting world of travel. Art and travel make a great combination.

After decades doing travel and doodling on scraps of paper during her trips, her sister convinced her to do more art and joined “Her Majesty” International Women’s Art Exhibit in Rome. Followed by Atelier Montez’ Be**part also in Rome and ACCES’ 20×20 in France. 

Mica continues to experiment and learn from her fellow artists. “There is also much to learn through art journaling,” she says with a giggle. And maybe one day, she’ll be able to put together an illustrated book on her travel stories.

I would like to think that my art provides a release of happy emotions in bright and playful faces, floral and nature themes. Life doesn’t always have to be serious. There’s always time to play… let’s express our feelings and paint!”  



Born in 1965 – Artist/Chef – ENGLAND

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Quimet was born in Cebu City, grew up in Manila from a loving Spanish/Filipino family.

An unfortunate event happened when he was a Fine Arts student, he dropped out from school and ended up doing his art in the kitchen. Cooking became his passion, using the plate as his canvas, fruits and vegetables as his medium, kitchen knife as his brush. He gets inspiration from his everyday life and trying different mediums and forms. 

Cutting different varieties of colored paper into different shapes and sizes. Quimet creates unique psychedelic abstract artworks, revealing his artistic talent once more.


I created a recipe for my ART, using a craft knife instead of my usual kitchen knife, cutting and shaping coloured papers instead of the usual fruits and vegetables. The matte board served as the plate for the final dish. I finally found a new flavor, Art spiced up my life.”  



Born in 1953 – Artist – NETHERLANDS



Reen Sanderse a self made woman and has been working as a professional artist since 1990. She specializes in different techniques; drawing/painting, design, photography, digital art, mixed media and copywriting. Together with her photographer husband, Robert van Rijn, they have their own art gallery,  ‘Kunstkabinet d’Oude Winkel in Oostburg. They worked side by side at the Gallery Van Rijn, Hillegom from 2001-2011.

Reen Sanderse was the initiator and organizer of big events, took part in several art projects and worked together with many artists worldwide until now. Member of GAP international, Leading Art Iran and an honourable associate of Bangiya Kala Kendra, Mumbai, India to name a few.

In 2020 she found a new way to express herself: playing with photography, digital art, light effects and drawing. She creates wonderful mixed media artworks and showed it in our last  “20×20 In the Cage of Lockdowns” Exhibition.

In 2020 I found a new way to express myself; playing with photography, digital art, light effects and drawing.



  Born in 1965 – Art Writer/Art Entrepreneur – PHILIPPINES


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Rissa Calica an internationally-exhibited and awarded Filipina Artist, art writer, and art entrepreneur. Her artworks are in private collections around the globe. 

Rissa’s art celebrates life as it is meant to be– joyful. Her artwork sprinkles sunshine. Just like the Chinese meaning of her name “Ri,” which means “sprinkle” and “sa,” meaning “sunshine”.  Her artworks welcome you back to the happiest place on Earth… Your heart.

If my art can put a sparkle in your eye, a smile on your face, a tingle in your heart, and wings to your feet, then I have done my work as an artist.

If my art can enlighten, enliven, or embolden…able to lift, shift and awaken…then I have made my contribution to humanity.!”  

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