Gloria KEH


Born in 1952 – Artist/Writer – SINGAPORE


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Gloria Keh was born with a paint brush on her hand. She has been painting with her late father, Martin Fu, an oil painter, since she was a child. 

Gloria studied mandala art and symbolism for over 10 years at the Theosophical Society in Melbourne, and art therapy at La Salle College of Art in Singapore. 

In 2008, Gloria founded Circles of Love, a non-profit charity outreach program; most of her paintings are donated to registered charities in the service of humanity. She abides by the words of an old proverb that states that “THE HAND OF THE GIVER IS NEVER EMPTY”. 

She has participated and won numerous art awards in hundreds of international art exhibitions.  

Gloria Keh is truly an heARTIST.

As I age, I prefer the comforts and quiet of solitude.  Painting provides me with a form of meditation, and I find inner peace and healing through my art.”  

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