We can make a change together in our artist’s careers by opening up new markets and globalizing our approach. Artists can widen their audience and broaden their opportunities and possibilities while helping and supporting others.

Artists can join  ACCES Residency advantages and together we will challenge various opportunities. By spreading our Art and craft on a global scale, we hope to get people’s interest with a deeper understanding of different cultures. The artists and creators joining us  produce their work with passion and express their message to help make some changes in our world.

ACCES carefully selects artists to be listed on our website. We assist and manage different processes regarding sales, including marketing, shipping, and customer service. We consider how artists can sell their work, and we will work to improve our processes and to meet demands in order to support artists in the most effective way possible.

Annual Residency on ACCES website provides the following services:

  • ACCES membership fee for 15€/year instead of 20€.
  • ACCES membership fee and “20×20” for 2022 participation for 20€ instead of 30€.
  • A website platform for 8 artworks, changeable every quarter.
  • Broad exposure through ACCES’s website, Instagram, Facebook, and email campaigns. (when joining the activities, when the artwork is sold,,,,, etc. )
  • Residents are guaranteed quarterly features through our Social Media channels.
  • Exclusive Resident’s Exhibition once a year. (target month – September / October)
  • Sale of their artworks with a minimum cost.
  • Some exceptions on exhibitions; prints might be applied for some items, for example, postcards, albums, posters and other commodities.
  • ACCES can help you produce limited editions of different quality prints.
  • We are committed to providing more support available to the artists.


Our criteria:

1) Quality of the artwork.

2) Level of skills and knowledge of art.

3) Approach to art.

4) Original artworks (paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, photography, media arts, mixed media, 3D work, and other original artworks.)

5) Artist should be a member of ACCES organization.


How do to apply :

Documents needed:

1) Your profile or history of your activities as an artist.

  • EMAIL:

2) Several photographs of the work you are considering submitting (limits; up to 5 works; 20MB or less per picture) or other documents such as a portfolio that showcases your works. No specified formats or specifications for the documents to be submitted.

Please send your application to acces.rennes@gmail.com

We will contact you within a week after the screening to inform you about the next steps and the official registration.


After your application is submitted.

  • We will review your application, then contact you with the result and next steps, usually within a week.
  • If your application was successful, we will notify you by email.
  • We will need a maximum of 8 artworks to be uploaded to our website.
  • We will check all the artworks and approve them one by one. Once it’s approved, your work will be up on the website. Good quality of photos of the artworks  needed.


Fees & Regulations:

  • There will be a monthly participation fee of 10€/month; annual participation fee of 120€, payable in advance (quarterly, semestrial or annually). Participation fee includes:
    • insurance of the artworks (during transport , expos and postage). Valid for a year.
    • website maintenance fee and other promotional fees.
  • When your items are SOLD, we will only deduct our sales commission of 20% from the sale price of the item.
  • Artists will decide for the price of their artworks,  we do not have any exclusivity contracts not to restrict your artist activities.
  • There are no penalties for selling them at other companies, BUT, please let us know in case you have sold an item elsewhere. We will state on our website as ‘sold’ without delay and you have the possibility of replacing the sold item.
  • It is not required to frame your artwork. Many of the customers who purchase the artworks want to frame them by themselves. Please feel free to decide, whether with a frame or not, depending on the work you are submitting.
  • If we print the artwork, we will deduct the cost of printing as well as the sales commission from the price sold, when we pay the artist.
  • If the artist prints the work themselves, the above does not apply.

Delivery after the artwork is sold

  • We will confirm the payment from the purchaser and then request you to pack the item.
  • We will prepare and schedule the pickup.
  • We will come (or the shipping company) to pick up the item at your place.
  • We will send the artwork directly to the purchaser.
  • If the artwork is elsewhere We can come and pick up your item anywhere in the world, with a few exceptions.
  • After your artwork is sold, a delivery company will come to your home or storage location as your preference. Note that we are asking you to prepare the packaging for the item and be sure to pack it carefully as it will be delivered to the purchaser as is.
  • We can arrange the shipping if necessary, in  3 steps:
    • 1) Receive and print out the invoice data sent by us.
    • 2) Pack the item.
    • 3) Give it to the delivery company at the scheduled pickup date and time.
  • We will pay for the shipping, delivery and the insurance is applied during transport.
  • Once your item is sold, we will receive the sale price from the purchaser. Then the amount minus the sales commission will be paid to you. We will deduct only our sales commission from the sale price of the item. Please note that when we are responsible for the printing cost of a print, the printing cost will be deducted in addition to the sales commission.
  • We will make the payment at the end of the return period (45 days) of which the sold item has been shipped to the purchaser.
    • Ex) Shipped out on June 1st → Our payment will be July 16th
    • We can pay by bank transfer, check or Paypal, whatever is better for both parties.


If the purchaser returns the item, The artwork will be sent back to us for inspection first, and it will be returned to you. If we have already paid you for the item, we will request a refund.

The return period is a maximum date of 45 days from the time it is shipped from the artist to the purchaser.

The artists own the copyrights until 50 years after their death.