Call for artists and international art associations …!

International Group Exhibitions

“Life and peace under the blue sky”

Great international Exhibitions in Tehran, Atashzad Gallery … !!!

Tehran, the capital of Iran, with its extraordinary and spectacular special and historical effects, Atashzad Gallery is one of the excellent and experienced galleries in Tehran.

Our goal is to spread art, we want our community to meet different international artists and discover different arts and cultures. We will present the beautiful places of Tehran to our participating artists and international visitors.


Do you want to represent your country? …

*Each artist is free to choose their subject. Artwork submitted must be approved by the organizers.

*About 35 to 40 artworks in size 50cm*70cm are possible to exhibit.

*All works will be printed on canvas and framed for the exhibition.

Accepted artworks include:

painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, calligraphy, digital art


  • 1st exhibition in ” Art Best #1″


December 10, 2021 to December 15, 2021.

Deadline: November 10, 2021

Atashzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran.


  • 2nd exhibition in ” Art Best #2″

Exhibition: 25 to March 02 2022.

Deadline: January 25, 2022

Sarzamine Honar “Art Land art” Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

Exhibition posters, invitation cards, high resolution certificates are prepared by the gallery team.

To participate in” Artbest # 1″ and “Art Best#2” : (These exhibitions are separate) but artists can register for both or one of them if they wish.


Please email your work to:

first name and last name :


Country :

Phone number :

English biography


3 photos of works of art (for review):

Selected artists will be notified by e-mail after committee approval.

Participation fee is paid for printing the work on canvas, framing, opening of exhibition, posters, invitation card and high resolution certificate.

Digital photos of the final works must be taken in high resolution of 300dpi jpg or more and emailed to


Sorted by Atashzad gallery – “Art Best Tehran International”

Curator/moderator: Abdolreza Rabeti

Art Coordinator: Frank Mohebbi


Opening cocktails are held at the Atashzad Gallery and the entire art community, the governor, the press and the consulates of the country are invited to the exhibition. After the exhibition, all the artwork printed in our gallery storage will be collected for future use in exhibitions in different parts of Tehran.

Please pay attention:

If any collector is interested in purchasing the original work of art, the Tehran Art International “Atashzad gallery” facilitates direct communication between the collector and the artist.

We do not receive any commissions for sales.

Each artist can participate 1 or 2 works .

Artists will pay after artwork(s) is/are accepted

The cost for each work is €60. A discount of 15% is offered when artists want to participate in both exhibitions. This means that when you participate in both exhibitions with one artwork (two artpieces) = € 120 -/- 20% = € 102. Two artpieces per exhibition is double: € 240 -/- 15% = € 204.

Please do NOT USE the word IRAN in the text at moneytransfer. It might lead to questions from your bank. Mention: “LIFE AND PEACE UNDER THE BLUE SKY” and “YOUR OWN NAME.

Account number: PL51102040270000180215059146, AMIR DAVOUDPOUR.

All participants will receive a (electronic official) certificate.



GAPi – Genuine Art Projects international -, Ed Hanssen, Fred van Welie, Carmen Heemels and Yoo Choong Yeul (Korean ambassador GAPi),

“Art Nigde ” Safa Bute ,Turkey

PAS – Peace and Art Society, President: Júlio Antão,

ACCES – Art and Cross-Cultural Exchange Society, President: Margo Calderero-Le Lain,

L-ART – “Leading Art of Iran”, Abdolreza Rabeti.

More information about the galleries:

Atashzad Academy of Art

23 Abbaspour(Tavanir )St., Vanak Sq.,Tehran, Iran

Tel: 0098 21 88884572, 0098 21 88884407 and/or 0098 21 88883799

Fax: 0098 21 88880802

E- mail:


“Art Land Art Gallery”

• Address:

Tehran / Evin / the beginning of Kachuei uphill / Safa alley / No. 4

• Phone : 02122411272

• website :

Abdolreza Rabeti

International Project Manager and Chairman

L’Art International group


Mobile / WhatsApp:

098 91 66411461